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  • Mondalerchar Char School in Holokhana, Kurigram, Bangladesh
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Island Aid for World Children believes that every child has a right to education and good health, and a helping hand out of poverty.

We help to build schools and clinics, and ensure the projects become


For more than 10 years, Island Aid for World Children has devoted its energy to  build schools, medical clinics and children's homes for the needy living in rural areas of Africa and Bangladesh.

Find out about our work and how you can contribute to the future of someone in need through donations of money and time. .


  • OLA training Centre,  Ghana
  • Camerons Primary School, Ghana
  • GLOM Childrens Home, Ghana
  • Dreamland Primary School, Ghana
  • Dreamland Community Clinic, Ghana
  • Adankwame Training Centre, Ghana

Sandra Cameron

Founder & Honorary Secretary

In 2016, we have achieved one of our aims to build a new school in a remote village in Myanmar for New Eden Charity.

We are currently working on a new project in Piina, Ghana to build a school and toilet facilities


Island Aid for World Children

Helping children in the Developing World get a better start n life